Biomaterials Engineering (Biomaterials Laboratory), Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, Okayama University

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Electric furnace (SiC, MoSi2) (SB14150, Yamamoto)
Electric muffle furnace (KDF S-70, Denken)

Ultrasonic homogenizer (Sonics and Materials Inc., VCX750)
Freeze-dry machine (FDU-506, EYELA)

Gel permeation chromatography (C0-8010, Tosoh)
Universal testing machine (AGS-10kNG, Shimadzu)

Specific surface analyzer (GEMINI2370, Shimadzu)
Contact angle meter (CA-V, Kyowa)

planetary ball-mill (FRITSCH, Pulverisette7) Automatic titrator (TS-980, Hiranuma Sangyo)
Densimeter (HR-200, A&D Company) Diamond cutter (JeanWirtz, CUTOI)
Sieve CO2incubator
Microplate reader Invert microscope
Distillated water Ultrapure water
Autoclave X-ray diffractometer
Digital microscope Atomic force microscope
Rotatory viscometer Dip coating equipment
Calcium ion electrode Spin coating equipment
Ultraviolet lamp Ultraviolet irradiation machine
Particle size distribution analyzer Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer
Ultraviolet-visible spectrometer Fluorometer